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Hello, I am Nikkita! I am a Therapist who focuses on Trauma and Parenting Therapy in Denver, but you can also call me an Anxiety & Depression Wrangler, Trauma Healer, and Teen Advocate. I specialize in helping: 1) troubled teens and their parents communicate better and regain control over their relationships; 2) people who suffer from anxiety and depression to feel less anxious and happier overall; 3) individuals that have experienced trauma or a traumatic event to understand what happened to them and how it affects their daily life.

Anxiety and Depression Wrangler

I help teens and adults suffering from anxiety and depression to feel less anxious and happier overall. This includes helping you to feel more motivated, relaxed, and increases self-esteem and positive outlook for the future.

I help clients to feel validated in their feelings and to help them understand the source of their anger, sadness, worry, and feelings of low self-worth. To do this we start by exploring the source of the feelings and various ways to overcome them that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

This process is different for each person and can include simple venting, unique self-expression, or doing some more heavy-lifting to fully explore the possible paths to feeling more like yourself.

I feel that it is crucial to cater each session to the individual, and make sure to take account of each client’s needs, reservations, and strengths to make our time together as beneficial as possible.

Trauma Healer

Have you experienced a life-altering event that has left you feeling unlike yourself? You’re now angry, sad, and struggling to go through your day without intrusive and unwanted thoughts and memories slipping in. This may also have an impact on relationships, work, and other responsibilities that seem ten times harder than they once were.

I have a passion for working with teens and adults who have experienced trauma or life-altering events. I start the therapeutic journey by first helping clients to recognize their symptoms of trauma. From this awareness they can start to understand the ways they play out in daily life.

I also help clients to work through difficult thoughts and emotions surrounding trauma. The first step is to normalize negative reactions and behaviors. This allows you to create space for learning and adjustment to life post-trauma. I’m here to help you heal the scars that are leftover and begin the next chapter of your story.

Parenting Powerhouse

Many teens and their parents get stuck in a rut due to negative communication skills, lack of boundaries, low self-esteem, and other road blocks within the relationship. These cycles tend to lead to diminished connections, rebellious teens, and struggling parents.

Parents often feel judged and overwhelmed when they feel they have lost control over their child or teen. My belief is that there are no “bad kids,” sometimes families just need a little more understanding in order to get through tough times.

I work with parents and families in order to help renew a sense of community and peace within the home. This can include learning about attachment and how you and your child can feel more connected, as well as practicing new parenting skills that fit for you and your family’s lifestyle.

2121 South Oneida St.
Denver, CO 80224
(720) 863-6100

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