Ace the Skill of Apologizing

We hear it so often that the words lose their meaning: “I’m sorry!” Some people grew up in households where the words were rarely spoken because it meant taking blame. For others, it became an instinct that led to a habit of apologizing for things they were not responsible for. And for many, it usually marks the end of a...[ read more ]

What are boundaries?

In recent years, boundaries have become a common topic of discussion. Many people picture someone leaving during an argument or telling their boss “no” after another demand on their time, but boundaries do not have to be reactionary or involve conflict. Despite the use of the term in everyday language, it can be hard to understand from such examples what...[ read more ]

Considerations Before You Go No-Contact

When a toxic family member or friend continues to violate your boundaries, it seems increasingly acceptable to cut them off completely or go “no contact.” You may even know someone who has made such a difficult decision and understand their reasons for doing so. If you find yourself wondering if it’s something you should consider for a relationship you have,...[ read more ]

Active Listening Skills for Better Communication

Communication is such an important part of our daily lives and connecting with others that our habits can become automatic. Effective communication is often like a dance, requiring at least two people who take turns talking and listening.    It is all too easy to find ourselves waiting for our turn to talk rather than actively listening. Luckily, there are...[ read more ]

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