5 Ways to Get Your Teenager to Talk to You

It's tough trying to get your teen to talk. Science has shown that the teenager's brain has yet to fully develop the frontal cortex, which is the area that controls our ability to reason, and to think before we act. As your teen's brain develops, they're also learning new things about themselves and their surrounding world; simultaneously, they're dealing with...[ read more ]

A Meditation Exercise You Can Do with Your Child

As a busy parent of a young child, you may find it challenging to find the time or space to meditate. One solution is to bring the two together, and have your child meditate with you.Meditating with Young ChildrenFor children five and under, it will be difficult for them to sit still for any length of time. Even a few...[ read more ]

Meet the team: Interview with Saira Malhotra, MSW

Tell us what to expect from you as their therapist. I start out every therapeutic relationship by getting to know my clients. I want to learn about your strengths, your relationships, and what brought you to therapy. My hope is that the process will feel organic and inviting, so our sessions will feel much more like a conversation than an...[ read more ]

How to Find Friends as an Adult

You may remember growing up, meeting your best friend on the playground or making friends in French class. As adults, we don't have systems built in to make friends like we did as children. We can't even reach out to loved ones for help, because while it's socially acceptable to say "I'm looking for a boyfriend", its not socially acceptable...[ read more ]

Stepping Back from the Edge: How to Deal with Anger in the Moment

Anger is a natural and healthy emotion that everyone feels from time to time. But when you find yourself being caught off guard with unexpected anger or feeling anger at a time when you can’t express it, it can be difficult to cope with. So, what can you do when you find yourself feeling anger unexpectedly? Below are some strategies...[ read more ]

5 Techniques to Work Through Flashbacks

Flashbacks are our brain’s way of processing traumatic events that we’ve experienced. But what tends to happen is, our subconscious goes to our storage cabinet to access some important memories regarding the event, and everything sort of tumbles out of the cabinet all at once. This falling out or flashback experience can feel almost as traumatic as the initial event....[ read more ]

What to do when you feel like you can’t do anything

Intense levels of anxiety, depression, grief, guilt, and trauma are debilitating. When you find yourself within their grips, it can be truly difficult to even leave your bedroom. How can you possibly recover when you can hardly even get up or get yourself in the bath? The idea of recovery can feel overwhelming; a vague and intangible concept. When your...[ read more ]

4 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a practice of becoming more aware of what and how much you eat. It's not a fad diet, which are short-sighted approaches to eating. It is a long term approach to eating and forming a relationship with food. If this sounds like something you’d like to try, here are 4 ways to practice mindful eating every day. You sit down...[ read more ]

3 Ways Therapy Helps Anxiety Disorders

Millions of people deal with anxiety disorders on a daily basis. Whether it’s a result of a specific phobia, a traumatic event, or just generalized worry, anxiety disorders take a toll on our mind and health. There is help for anxiety disorder sufferers, and therapy is the first place to start.  If you deal with an anxiety disorder you most...[ read more ]

Mindfulness Practices For Every Schedule

Mindfulness is essentially just a fancy word for awareness. Mindfulness practices are not confined to those who are deeply invested in meditation. Keep reading for some surprisingly easy mindfulness practices for every schedule. Upon hearing the word “mindfulness,” one may conjure up images of meditation stools, burning candles, and bare feet on yoga mats. The word may elicit feelings of...[ read more ]

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