EMDR Counseling

What is EMDR therapy?

EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, therapy is an eight phase integrative therapy that helps people heal from traumatic events and disturbing experiences. EMDR therapy is evidenced based, and it is a recommended treatment of choice for healing PTSD. So, if you’ve experienced a life altering event, such as rape, abuse, auto accidents, or combat, EMDR can help.

In EMDR therapy right for me?

Do you have distressing or adverse events in your life caused anxiety, depression, or disconnection?

Fighting to come terms with the loss of a loved one?

Are you suffering from nightmares or flashbacks?

Or, do you have any other symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which includes: anxiety, depression, easily startled, often angry, irritability, flashbacks and unwanted memories, and even chronic pain.

You should know you are not alone and we can help.

As an article published in The Permanente Journal says, “EMDR therapy provides…an efficient approach to address psychological and physiological symptoms stemming from adverse life experiences.”

Furthermore, EMDR therapy is designed to help a person identify events that feel stuck and cause distress in their current life. Because these events can become unprocessed memories, they get stored in the brain with disturbing images, thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. For this reason, when left untreated they can lead to distressing symptoms and behaviors.

How does EMDR help?

Notwithstanding, EMDR therapy helps activate previously unprocessed memories and integrate the information. Likewise, EMDR therapy will not erase the memory; rather a person will be able to remember the story without all the emotional charge that was distressing before implementing EMDR. Accordingly, we teach you techniques to manage stress on your own and enable optimal therapy.

In sum, successful EMDR treatment provides relief from emotional and mental distress, helps adjust and redefine beliefs, and leads to a relaxed and calmer mind and body.

Nikkita Stonner, MA, LPC, specializes in helping people recover from trauma and uses EMDR extensively in her work. If you’d like us to show you how EMDR can help you find new peace, set up a free phone consultation today.

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