Racial & Cultural Identity

Navigating the world as a person of color can be exhausting. Facing constant pressure to adjust how you act and identify often leads to feelings of anxiety, depression, and general lack of fulfillment in daily life. The added stress of finding a therapist who understands these unique challenges can make matters worse. We’re here to tell you that you don’t need to look any further – we’re here to help.

At DMHC, we understand that everyone’s journey with racial and cultural identity is unique. Your experience should not be lumped into a category found in a book somewhere – it should be defined by you. Our office will always be a space you can come and simply be yourself, without pressure to explain or justify your experiences.

So if you’ve experienced…

  • Trouble navigating the way your race/ethnicity interacts with your socioeconomic status, sexuality, or other social identities
  • Difficulty balancing your culture at home from your work, school, or social culture
  • Daily incidents of subtle or explicit prejudice
  • A desire to explore how you define your racial/cultural identity

Then we’re so glad you’ve found us!

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