Alexandra Hinton, MA, LPC

Are you looking for a Denver therapist that accepts medicaid or another major insurance?

Hello! I am Alexandra Hinton, a Denver therapist that accepts medicaid and other major insurance. But you can think of me as a 360 Stress Healer, Motivation (Re)Builder, and Body Image Artist. My one goal is to help you pursue your life and athletic adventures with passion.

My journey in mental training began as a 15-year-old athlete struggling with crippling anxiety and burnout. In short, I was drawn to the empowering skills, supportive connection and motivating attitude my sport psychologist provided. I began to see improvement both in and out of sport. I strive to give this same experience to every client and in every session.

360 Stress Healer

What is 360 Stress Healing? In short, it is a deeply rooted belief that whole-person healing starts with whole-person care.

While attending to your primary concerns or needs first, I also take the time (starting in the first session) to check in with you about other areas of life that may be contributing to OR showing signs of stress. Getting to know you in this way provides a fuller and more accurate picture of what may be contributing to your primary concerns and improves our work together.

In addition, this holistic mindset can:
1) Illuminate underlying patterns within your life that may no longer be serving you;
2) Allow us to collaboratively discover related places and options for you to begin breaking the cycle of stress and anxiety.

Motivation (Re)Builder

Spark… Energy… Fire… Zest… Passion… Whatever you call it, I’ll help you rekindle it. Let’s get started!

Body Image Artist

Since I am a athlete, former perfectionist and eating disorder therapist, I can truly relate to the challenge of body love and acceptance. So let’s be honest: our western culture of pressure, unending advertising and social media can create quite an exhausting fight between us and our bodies. Especially when there is no break in the action!

Since I believe that positive change is very possible, our work together will be the blank canvas for you to recreate a dynamic, personal image of what your body means to you. Together we will redesign the rules your body lives by, your awareness of how it serves you NOT others, and a vision for a stronger, more self-defined future with it.

“I cannot control everything that comes into my life, but I can choose what I magnify.”
– Steven Furtick

Education, Training & Experience

Education: I graduated with a BA from the College of St. Benedict, MN in Psychology and Music/Vocal Performance. I earned my MA in Sport & Performance Psychology, emphasizing mental health and counseling, from the University of Denver.

Work: In addition to training and internships within the field of Sport Psychology, I worked for eight years as an Eating Disorders Counselor at Children’s Hospital and Outpatient Therapist. During this work I gained extensive experience coaching teens and adult family members in distress and anxiety management, motivation enhancement, body image healing, as well as mindfulness, relationship and communication skills.

Athlete: My perspective and work with athletes is especially informed by my athletic experience, which includes 16 years as a competitive swimmer, representing Team Wisconsin and my college, before switching over to the “land sports” of CrossFit, Krav Maga (combat/self-defense) and rock climbing which I currently train in.

Alexandra Hinton’s Resume

Travel + Transition

Following my work at Children’s, I traveled solo through the northern hemisphere for ten months, exploring my cultural and spiritual roots before returning to Denver and taking the leap back into clinical work in late 2018.

I see clients in our Denver office and virtually on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. But I do respond to messages Monday through Friday.

Set up a free phone consultation with me today. I look forward to hearing from you and being part of your journey!

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