Cassia Hendrickson

Hello!  I am Cassia Hendrickson. I’m a therapist here at Denver Mental Health Collective, but you can also call me a Trauma Processor, Purposeful Integrator, and Healthy Resource Builder.

I help people who live a chaotic life because of abusive, difficult unforeseen circumstances process the inevitable trauma they’ve experienced. Through telling your story in an empathetic and compassionate environment, you can begin to integrate the compartmentalized parts of you and discover who you are as a unique, and whole human being. In this process, you will discover creative and healthy spaces, habits, and resources to move you forward in who you want to be.

My ideal clients are those who want to share their story, process their traumatic experiences, and develop skills to handle everyday life. I primarily work with adolescents, young adults and adults who’ve experienced childhood sexual abuse, have been in traumatic and/or abusive situations in life and can’t organize their lives or thoughts because of adverse symptoms like dissociation, depression, and anxiety.

Trauma Processor:

Do you struggle with living in the shadows and never being seen or truly heard? Sharing your story, bring everything that you’ve experienced and every part of who you are into an empathetic, and understanding environment can begin a healing journey that you may have never thought is possible. I want to help you with that process by witnessing the abuse and trauma you’ve endured in life, the entirety of who you are as a unique person and coming alongside of you while you make sense of you.

Purposeful Integrator:

Do you want to integrate all that you’ve experienced in life and live in the present moment? Instead of feeling shame, like you’re the problem and regretting your past or always dreading a negative situation that will happen in the future. As you tell your story, are truly heard, and validated this allows for your brain to make sense of and put to rest traumatic and triggering memories. Ultimately, giving space for new emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual experiences in your life. My hope is that you will start feeling a variety of emotions, living from the calm and rational part of your brain and feel less and less anxious and triggered. All of which allows you to make decisions that you feel comfortable with for your future.

Healthy Resource Builder:

Do you feel like it’s difficult to make the decisions you want to – like you can’t keep track of your schedule, you say yes, all the time, you procrastinate and you’re a perfectionist, your thoughts are racing with anxiety, depression, and shame? As you work towards making sense of what you’ve gone through in life, we can also look at healthy coping skills that will empower you to live the life you want to live. Together we will explore creative avenues to express who you are, places and spaces you feel most like yourself in, skills that will give you a sense of control over your schedule and feel more tethered to the present. And ultimately how to flourish a life that you choose for yourself.


I received my video post-production in film & video production from the University of Colorado at Denver and Colorado Film School. I’ve always been a Creative and have enjoyed expressing myself through live theatre, painting, sketching, acting, producing, directing, videography, video editing and graphic design. I’ve worked on a documentary about eating disorders in famous athletes, a documentary on dissociative disorders and narrative films. Being a filmmaker has shown me that listening to and telling someone’s story can foster empathy and compassion for people outside of our individual “worlds.” All of this coupled with my own empowering healing journey that was helped by an incredible therapist caused me to pursue my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado.


I have lived in Colorado most of my life and love everything about the outdoors. When I have time to myself, I love hiking, camping, backpacking, bouldering, fly fishing, playing football, basketball and softball, skiing, and snow shoeing with friends and family. I have a green thumb which caused me to have a mini “garden” in my condo and I’ve planted red sage and red hyssop, alongside flourishing English lavender plants outside. I love creative expression, so I find time to have painting parties, act in short films, watch live performances, watch British comedies, write, and listen to eclectic music that fuels my soul.

Please contact our office today to schedule a free phone consultation. During this time our Client Care Coordinator can talk more about what’s going on and how I can help you feel better.

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