Ellie Brown, MA

I am a therapist and Doctoral Trainee here at Denver Mental Health Collective. But you can also call me an empowerment instigator, performance coach, or life-unscrambler. I support humans who feel anxious, lost, or overwhelmed by their lives and help reconnect with personal meaning and fulfillment in life.

I empower individuals and athletes to embrace the unique person they are with authentic and compassionate energy.

Being an athlete or performer is only part of who you are. Are you feeling overwhelmed with off-the-field issues such as job or relationship stress, anxiety, or depression?

With a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Meaning Centered Therapy, and Narrative Therapy, my approach is integrative and empowerment based. While applying these techniques, I incorporate principles of cultural humility and motivational interviewing to best meet each person’s individual needs.

Athletes & Performers

Do you find yourself getting stuck in the gap between what you believe you can achieve and what you think you must achieve? Are you an athlete who struggles with thoughts of fear, performance, anxiety, or injury?

Do you struggle to maintain focus or recognize how you are reacting to conditions, events, and situations related to your performance?

I can help you reach or maintain performance goals. Whether that be by navigating injury, overcoming performance issues, or reconnecting with the enjoyment you once felt.


Think of your mind as a snowy winter hill you’re about to sled down. Where you end up is determined by how you steer and the characteristics of the hill.

Once you make that first track down the hill you tend to follow it back down again the second time. Trudging back up the hill, you tend to follow your same set of footprints back up. These are the easiest fastest paths. After sledding all afternoon, you will have some deep tracks that are very hard to get out of.

My role is to help you identify where at the bottom of the hill you are and what paths got your there. If the bottom of the hill doesn’t look so great, I’ll help you determine where you want to go and we will work on creating a new path, together.

Education & Training

Doctoral Degree: I am a current doctoral student at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology while I pursue my PsyD (Doctor of Psychology).

Master’s Degree: I earned my M.A. in Applied Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver.

Bachelor’s Degree: I earned my B.A. in Sociology from the Colorado College.

Ellie Brown’s Resume

More About Me

Those closest to me know me as an equine and dog lover, Colorado adventurer, and lover of nature. My core values are growth, awareness, and unconditional acceptance. In my free time you can usually find me spending time with my animal family and exploring nature, or wrapped up with a cozy blanket and hot beverage reading the large stack of books I have stockpiled in my home.

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