Ersin Sulukioglu, MA, LPC

Hello! My name is Ersin (air-sin) Sulukioglu. I’m a therapist here at Denver Mental Health Collective, and you can also identify me as a Trauma Champion, an Anxiety Alleviator, and a Therapeutic Companion.

Trauma Champion

If you’ve experienced something in your life that has deeply impacted you, and you just can’t seem to shake it, and want to work through it, let’s collaborate together to find ways for you to understand what you’ve experienced, heal, and find resolution, so you can move forward without the weight of your trauma holding you down.

Anxiety Alleviator

Living with anxiety, in any of its many forms, is such a common experience. It can be overwhelming to live with symptoms of anxiety, and it can feel so invasive, taking over many aspects of our lives. Let’s work together to process your anxiety, develop ways of managing and mitigating it, and create momentum together so it no longer controls your life.

Therapeutic Companion

In many ways, I’m a traditionalist and believe profoundly in the power of the therapeutic alliance between a therapist and client. At the foundation of every successful therapeutic journey, is the healing connection shared between two human beings. It is my honor and privilege to be a part of your journey. We all experience life differently, and are therefore impacted differently. However you are feeling, and however you show up to therapy, I want to assure you that I am here for YOU throughout your journey. I always focus everything through a human-centered approach. Making sure you are empowered, heard, and unconditionally supported is the core of my therapeutic belief system.

More About Me

I offer several focused modalities in my practice: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Narrative Therapy, and Family Systems Therapy. I approach my work with clients through several therapeutic and social lenses: A Human-Centered belief - putting you in the core of our work, A Social Justice focus - empowering the voices of marginalized communities, and Existentialism - exploring the deeper, or uncharted and sometimes abstract concepts that life can present.

I mostly specialize in Trauma work, Anxiety, Grief & Loss, Suicide Prevention & Intervention, LGBTQIA2S+ therapy, Body Dysmorphia and Eating Disorders, and individuals driven to explore Self-Growth and Personal Development.

Education & Training

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Colorado, and I have been practicing therapy professionally since 2015. I received my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Adams State University. I've worked almost exclusively in human services for most of my life and I have been privileged to support many different communities and populations throughout my career. I bring the skills and knowledge I've learned along the way with me into the work I do with clients in therapy sessions.

Please contact our office today so that our Intake Coordinator can talk more about what’s going on and how I can help you feel better.

2121 South Oneida St.
Denver, CO 80224
(720) 863-6100

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