Hope Roberts

Hello! My name is Hope Roberts. I’m a therapist here at Denver Mental Health Collective, but you can also call me a Life Transition Navigator, Curiosity Cultivator & Healthy Relationship Builder. I aim to make sure clients feel that sessions are almost like a car ride, where you are the driver and I’m the passenger. Our destination- what we are working on and what goals we are working towards- ultimately are up to you, the client! As your therapist in the passenger seat, I’m simply along for the ride to the destination with you, providing guidance and strategies on how we could go about reaching your goal.

My ideal clients are adolescents and adults looking for support in navigating life transitions and interpersonal relationships. As someone who recognizes change is hard, I also love working with individuals who are looking to make significant changes in their lives and open to gaining new strategies and perspectives.

Life Transition Navigator:

Whether you’re going from high school to college, college to the workforce or whatever phase of life you’re transitioning into, it is completely normal to be having a difficult time navigating change and it can be hard to do it alone. I’m here to provide a supportive, nonjudgmental ear around your experiences, while also working with you to better process, adjust to and ultimately, embrace these transitional periods of life.

Curiosity Cultivator:

If you’re a Ted Lasso fan like myself, you may have heard the phrase, “be curious, not judgmental”. I like to take the same approach working with clients. When you feel stuck and have tried strategies that aren’t working, I might ask what it would be like to approach the situation a different way. When you are describing an interpersonal issue you are having with a loved one, I might ask what you think that person might be feeling or experiencing. When you are talking down about yourself, I might ask how you came to believe the thing you’re telling me. I believe instilling and harnessing a curious nature within all my clients can lead to greater self-awareness and therefore, better outcomes in meeting your goals.

Healthy Relationship Builder:

It is human nature to need human connection- yet, other humans can often be the primary source of our greatest stresses, sadnesses and resentments. My hope is to work together with clients to build the tools necessary to both recognize and maintain healthy relationships in their lives, while also empowering individuals to build boundaries and break ties to relationships that do not serve them. I want to help those I work with to identify and recognize what they need to feel safe and secure in their relationships with others.


I received my Bachelors of Science in Family Studies and Human Development from the University of Arizona. I have always been passionate about working in service of others and have almost seven years under my belt in the realm of helping professions. I have worked connecting 0-18 years old experiencing mental health challenges with services to help them thrive and flourish and most currently have worked with the disabled, elderly and previously homeless population in efforts to maintain housing and avoid eviction. The professionals I have always admired the most in these roles were the therapists and counselors I worked with, which led me to begin the pursuit of my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Northern Colorado.


I recognize as a cisgender White woman, I will not always have the same life experiences or identities as the clients I serve. It is a top priority to me as a clinician that I am striving to hold space in session for clients to safely and freely speak on issues of equity, justice, diversity and inclusion. I align myself to support communities continuing to fight for equity across systems.

I moved from Arizona, where I spent elementary through college, to Colorado with my partner in 2018. We also recently got married this past October in Golden after 10 years together and I’m lucky to say he is my favorite person to spend time with. When I’m not chasing my professional and educational pursuits, you can usually find me weight training, hiking, embracing my creative side with my side hustle creating greeting cards, listening to a podcast or watching the latest Netflix reality tv series. Especially because the majority of my family and friends live in states other than Colorado, I am also incredibly passionate about traveling when I can. There is nothing that fills my cup up quite like experiencing new places and making memories with the people I love most.

Please contact our office today to learn how I can help you today. During this time our Client Care Coordinator can talk more about what’s going on and how we can work together to help you feel better.

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