Kira Bloom, MSW, LCSW

Hello! I am Kira, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and therapist at Denver Mental Health Collective. You can also call me an Empowerer, a Values Advocate and an Assumptions Challenger.

I focus on individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, life changes, and substance use in order to help them discover what they need in order to live their best lives.

My ideal clients are those who feel stuck in their current patterns and relationships. Whether that be due to unhealthy thought patterns, substance use/dependence or past traumatic experiences, you are not alone.


You are the expert on your own life, experiences and needs. I firmly believe that my role is to act as a guide for you to lead your treatment on your terms. My goal as a clinician is to work in conjunction with you in order to ensure that your therapeutic needs are being met and that you are an active participant in the process, rather than feeling you are being dictated to. As a support, I aim to bolster your strengths and help you build upon that which you want to work on.

Values Advocate:

It can often be intimidating figuring out where to begin in therapy. I focus on allowing you to bring all of your emotions: the good, the bad, and the ugly, and for us to work together to find the underlying values of what you need from your life. Values drive our desires and emotions, and acknowledging these values is an important process in discovering the most congruent way forward.

Assumptions Challenger:

Do you feel stagnant and boxed into your roles? Have you been taught that external perceptions should drive the way you live? Our past experiences play a role in the way we walk through the world, and it’s ultimately up to you how you want to live your life. I work as a support in helping you establish how you want to move forward rather than continuing a path that may no longer serve your needs.

Education & Training

I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Texas, and my Masters of Social Work from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. My professional experience includes working with adults and teens in a substance use clinic, as well as working with adults in a community mental health setting. I utilize ACT and DBT based interventions to provide tangible

More About Me

I enjoy being outdoors, baking, walking my dog and tending to my plants.

Please contact our office today to schedule a free phone consultation. During this time our Client Care Coordinator can talk more about what’s going on and how I can help you feel better.

2121 South Oneida St.
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