Lisa Orraca, MA, LMFT

Hi I’m Lisa! I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist at Denver Mental Health Collective. I am passionate about helping people live healthier lives. You can call me a bad habit breaker, purpose finder, and connection-builder. I help people stop destructive patterns of behavior, reduce anxiety and stress and connect (or reconnect) with their higher purpose in life. My clinical experience is rooted in working with people suffering in all stages of addiction, anxiety and trauma. My personal belief is that all maladaptive habits can be changed if you ignite awareness. And this part of my clinical work is what I am truly passionate about.

Individual Therapy

Life can be difficult enough on our own. And it can be especially challenging when faced with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, life transitions or trauma. My goal is to empower you to identify and navigate what changes to make and how. Let’s work together to change old patterns that are stoping you from living the life you want to.

Relationship Therapy

People face many transitions as they build a life together. I work to get to know you as a team, and what challenges you face and want to change together. We will work together to develop an understanding of each other’s emotional triggers. We will learn new communication skills and start operating as team.

Family Therapy

All families face struggles. Whether you’re a single mom, a couple with young kids, or parents with grown children facing addiction. I’ve worked with families facing all kinds of stressors: blending families, living with an adult parent, mood disorders, family members struggling with addiction, and empty nesters. My goal is to provide information, guidance and empowerment towards whatever change you feel will most benefit your family.

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