Monique Horton, MS, LMFT

Hello!  I am Monique Horton. I’m a therapist here at Denver Mental Health Collective, but you can also call me a Trauma Healer, Negative Pattern Interrupter, and Self Worth Guru.

I help individuals and couples who have experienced trauma learn to feel safe in the present and work toward feeling whole in the future.

My ideal clients are adolescents and adults who have experienced a life altering event,  are struggling with change, and those that feel lost or stuck.

Trauma Healer:

Do you find yourself often feeling stuck in the past, worrying about the future, or feeling like you're repeating the same cycle over and over?  Do you have repetitive nightmares, difficulty sleeping, angry outbursts? Maybe you’re hyper-sensitive about your safety? Are you struggling in your interpersonal relationships (romantic, friendships, co-workers)? Do you feel on edge or worried most days?

I can help.

I know this can be frustrating and can feel hopeless at times. When we have experienced situations that feel unsafe we start to develop behaviors and patterns to protect us and keep safe.   Unfortunately, at times those coping skills are no longer helpful and sometimes can cause suffering in our daily lives. As humans we are wonderfully and beautifully made!  What is exciting is that we can heal the past hurts that might be showing up in our day to day lives and learn a new way of being.  EMDR has been shown to be highly effective in treating a variety of symptoms but specifically traumatic events.

Negative Pattern Interrupter

Have you ever said, “I'm not going to do… like my mother or father!”, but you find yourself doing it anyway without even realizing it? Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over again even though you desire to be different? Maybe, you just keep attracting the same person but in a different body?

You’re not alone! And you’re capable of doing it differently. I will help you put an end to negative consequences and feel more control over your reactions. Together, we’ll identify patterns, iterrupt them, and build better outcomes. You are worthy of healthy relationships and I can help you build them!

Self-Worth Guru

Do you have trouble with telling people no and sticking to your no?  Do you find yourself tap dancing around other people's needs and desires?  Do you find yourself feeling empty after giving so much to others? Maybe you struggle with knowing who you are or what you like?  Do you find yourself having difficulty making decisions or often feel guilty for putting your needs first?

I understand this is a process. People do not just wake up with no boundaries or self worth out of nowhere. In fact this probably started earlier in life and has been reinforced over and over time. I am trained from a systems perspective and understand that we do not live in isolation and we are impacted by others both negatively and positively.  Our past experiences shape us and sometimes impact our ability to engage well with our loved ones and people in a healthy way.  We can work together to identify where these negative beliefs are, learn to set boundaries, and build self worth.


I received my Masters in Masters in Science in Family Therapy at Friends University in Wichita,

  1. I am currently independently licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Colorado,

Kansas, and Texas.  I have specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization and

Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) for the treatment of PTSD, Trauma Focused-CBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Mind/body work (somatic therapy), Attachment focused therapy, and extensive couples training.  I treat individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression, low self esteem, Low-self worth, life transitions/change, emotion regulation, relationship issues, family issues, parenting issues, etc.


I am a Colorado native but moved away for about 20 years. I am excited to be back home! I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, music, concerts, comedy shows, love people, and enjoy being spontaneous and living my life. My friends and family would say that I bring a warm energy around, positive, optimistic, a calming spirit, and just enjoy celebrating life. You can catch me generally going out for dinner, concerts, traveling, watching the latest movie, or sometimes just curled up at home reading a good book or watching my favorite TV show. I love to learn so I am also open to learning new things!

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Client Care Coordinator can talk more about what’s going on and how I can help you feel better.

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