Natalia Rodriguez

Hello! My name is Natalia. I’m a therapist at Denver Mental Health Collective, but you can also think of me as a self-awareness seeker, a mindfulness advocate, and a confidence builder.

I aim to create a safe space to explore an array of different obstacles within the human experience to leave clients feeling empowered and heard.

I help clients find fulfillment in confidence, decision-making, and relationships. I also hope to help you connect to a broader sense of self-awareness, purpose, meaning, and understanding of what being a human means to you.

Self-Awareness Seeker

Do you ever feel like you are getting tangled up in your thoughts and beliefs? Do you ever find yourself stuck in a thought pattern that causes you significant distress? I want to help you separate or detach from your thoughts, images, and memories. Together we can work together to observe your internal processes without allowing them to control your behaviors and emotions. We can work together to allow our thoughts to guide you, but not to dominate you.

Mindfulness Advocate

What is Mindfulness? It’s a state of nonjudgmental awareness of what’s happening in the present moment including being attentive of one’s own thoughts, emotions, and senses. My role as a therapist is to help you acquire skills to learn more about how you feel, think, and react. Even if your experiences in the moment can be difficult, painful or unpleasant, I aim to create a safe space so that you can learn to be open, explore, and make room for those unwanted experiences instead of running from it or resisting them so that you can better understand yourself. I want you to know that I would never judge you and I am here to help you through this chapter in your life.

Confidence Builder

If you are struggling with shame, self-criticism, self-doubt, or low self-esteem, I am here to help. In our work together, we will aim to create a space where curiosity, authenticity, patience, and exploration are encouraged. Furthermore, I will help you explore your purpose and meaning in life. How do you want to treat yourself, others, and the world around you? What is important to you? If you look at life as a journey, in what direction would you choose to go in this journey? I am here to help you feel confident with yourself in order for you to live a life that feels rich, full, and meaningful.

It’s important to note that sometimes therapy can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride. But you and I work as a team here and I will be there in the rollercoaster car with you, especially if you’re facing some very important challenges in life.

Education and Training

I received my Bachelor’s in Psychology at the University of Central Florida. Afterwards, I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training and became a yoga instructor teaching various types of yoga classes. I’ve always felt like my purpose in life has been to help and empower people in this journey of life. Thus, I moved from Florida to Colorado and decided to return to school to earn my MA in clinical mental health counseling at the University of Northern Colorado.

More About Me

I care deeply about working with adolescents and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, transitional difficulties, identity formation and more. As a multicultural woman, I care deeply about promoting diversity and bringing awareness into how oppressive systems can affect our mental health. I align myself to support communities continuing to fight for equity across systems.

I was born in Puerto Rico, and raised in Florida. I moved to Colorado a couple years ago with my partner. I enjoy the little things in life such as spending quality time with friends and family, going to the coffee shop, watering my plants and garden, playing fetch with my dog, watching tv shows and movies, feeling the sun on my face, laughing so hard it hurts, freshly made banana bread, and dancing like nobody’s watching. I also enjoy spending time in nature, chasing sunrises and sunsets, hiking, paddleboarding, snowboarding, exercising, and taking road trips with my partner and lab mix.

Please contact our office today to schedule a free phone consultation. During this time our Intake Coordinator can talk more about what’s going on and how I can help you feel better.

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