Nina Dadabhoy

Hello! My name is Nina and I am a doctoral trainee here at Denver Mental Health Collective, but you can also call me a Self-Compassion Curator, Curiosity Inspirer, and Dedicated Ally.

My ideal clients are adolescents and adults who are going through stressful, overwhelming, or traumatic life events and are working toward finding ways to heal.

Self-Compassion Curator:

Do you find yourself being harsh and judgemental to yourself? Self-compassion teaches us to give ourselves support and encouragement when we are experiencing challenging moments. It is an amazing antidote to self-criticism and feelings of inadequacy. My goal is to help you understand and utilize self-compassion so that you can employ it to become a more resilient coper.

Curiosity Inspirer:

“What would it be like to approach this situation in this way?” “What am I noticing that is coming up for me right now?” “What roadblocks am I experiencing that prevent me from doing this right now?” Curiosity is a natural force that brings many into therapy. My goal is to help you harness this curiosity in a nonjudgmental manner so that you can better understand things about yourself.

Dedicated Ally:

Sometimes the uncertainty and unpredictability of the world, along with the effects of general stress, anxiety, and depression, can be amplified given the identities that we hold. I want you to feel safe and empowered to discuss how the identities they hold and communities they are a part of affect them on a day-to-day basis.


I received my Master of Arts in Psychology from New York University and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Metropolitan State University of Denver. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from University of Denver. Before returning to school, I spent five years working with adults who have co-occurring posttraumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders. I also have experience working with survivors of domestic violence and justice-involved adolescent girls.


I am thrilled to have recently moved back to Colorado! I enjoy spending time outdoors generally and am especially glad to be back in an environment where I can hike, snowboard, and standup paddleboard. I also love hanging with my adorable pup, Devi!
Please contact our intake coordinator today to schedule a free consultation. During this she will learn more about what’s going on and determine how I can help you feel better sooner.

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