Rosanne Surine MA, LPC

Hello! My name is Rosanne Surine. I am a therapist here at Denver Mental Health Collective, but you can also call me a tool box renovator, a negative thought crusher, and a brainstormer of balance. I enjoy helping and watching adults, of all ages, feel better about themselves, grow, change and have more satisfaction and balance in their lives.

Tool Box Renovator

Are the tools you have been using not working any longer? Are you constantly worrying or feeling sad or overwhelmed? Is there just not enough time in the day to get things done? Do you tend to use food, shopping or substances as a way to cope? I help people discover new and more effective tools to cope with their lives.

Negative Thought Crusher

Do you ever stop and listen to what you are thinking? I help people recognize how their thoughts make them feel and act in life and guide and support them to challenge and change the negative thoughts and behaviors which have been holding them back, causing unhappiness, stress and emotional pain.

Brainstormer of Balance

Serenity now! Everyone has strengths and things they do well. I help people identify what those strengths are and how they can use those strengths to build upon and discover things in life which bring more satisfaction, joy and peace of mind.

My specialties include anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and substance abuse issues.

My ideal client struggles with managing stress, transitioning into adulthood, aging, divorce, loss or trying to find a better balance within their personal and work lives.

Education and Training

I received my Masters degree in psychology from Regis University. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have been helping people, across the lifespan for over 20 years. I believe anyone can change and replace unhealthy learned behaviors with healthier ones. I am compassionate about helping people grow and evolve into healthier, happier, balanced people they deserve to be.

Rosanne Surine’s Resume

More about me

I have lived in Colorado for over 30 years. I enjoy walking and being out and about with my dog Milo. I also love traveling, cooking, gardening, fine art, performing arts and comedy.

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