Theresa Grzeslo, AM, LCSW

Hi I’m Theresa Grzeslo and I’m a therapist in Denver Mental Health Collective but you can also call me a Harm Reducer, Calm Cultivator, and Belonging Booster.

I help people who have experienced trauma reduce the impact it has on their lives and relationships.

I believe therapy can benefit everyone and together we can create a space that works best for you and your needs. Everyone has the ability to heal from tremendous hardship in life, we just need to find the right ingredients that allow us to thrive and move closer to our goals and values.

Harm Reducer

Do you sometimes seek out control, predictability, or relief in ways that are harmful to yourself or your relationships with others? We all have learned tools for surviving and coping that may have been necessary or useful in certain contexts, but are not serving you in other areas of your life. Together we can work to explore how these tools are impacting you and learn to expand the number of options you have for coping. Discover how to communicate your needs more effectively and respond with compassion towards yourself and others. With awareness and committed action we can challenge old patterns and pave the way for new ones.

Calm Cultivator

Anxiety and trauma triggers can often have a powerful influence over our lives and actions, causing us to miss out on many of the experiences we want in life. I will work with you to learn about what happens to your brain and body in these moments so that you have the information needed to interrupt these cycles. We will get creative with both cognitive and somatic based tools and find the most effective ways to increase your ability to stay centered in the face of distress.

Belonging Booster

If you’ve ever struggled to find your place in social groups, career, or society in general, you are NOT alone. For many folks who have experienced invalidating environments or trauma, it can really impact your sense of identity and belonging. Access to spaces where you feel seen and valued are critical to our wellbeing. We will work to cultivate these spaces in your life where you can create authentic supportive connections and build stronger self-esteem.

Education and Training

Bachelor’s: I earned my B.A. in Applied Psychology and Human Development at Boston College

Master’s: I earned my A.M. degree in Clinical Social Work at University of Chicago

Training: I have received training in Anti-Oppressive Practice, Collaborative Problem Solving, DBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing and various trauma trainings including using the Collaborative Change Model for Treating Complex Trauma and Fundamentals of Somatic Experiencing. I am beginning EMDR training in Spring 2020

More about me
I recently moved from Chicago to Denver to pursue my love of getting outside and exploring all the beauty of nature and the outdoors. When not out hiking with my dogs or biking, you can find me watching stand-up comedy, doing DIY projects, and finding new restaurants!

Pronouns are she/her/hers

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