Flexible Online Counseling

We want to make therapy accessible, which is why we offer flexible online therapy. Online counseling offers all the benefits of traditional office setting in the privacy of your own home! This is a great option for people that don’t have the time to get to our office. Eliminating the drive can allow you to be flexible with scheduling your online counseling sessions.

Scheduling is much more flexible with online counseling. Does your schedule get in the way of starting therapy?

For some people, the thought of possibly seeing someone they know prevents them from getting the help they need. We understand that some people simply prefer the privacy of their home. For others, their geographic location restricts their access to qualified providers. If you have ever had any of these concerns, or if you’re just a busy person with a lot to juggle, virtual counseling is a great option for you!

Our online portal will allow you to access your Provider via computer or App compatible with iOS or Android device. Our Telehealth providers are top-notch clinicians, confident in their ability to help you meet your goals.

Frequently asked Questions

Note: Online counseling and “Telehealth” are used interchangeably below.

1. Should I choose online counseling services or Face-to-Face services?

This is really just a personal decision based upon what your specific needs and preferences are.  The online counseling client is typically a busy professional the does not have much time to spare. Some clients are those that have personal barriers that prevent them from coming into a traditional office setting.

2. How is online therapy different from Face-to-Face?

There are benefits of choosing online counseling: flexibility, scheduling, reduced travel. However, it is different than sitting face-to-face with your counselor. And we do find that it takes one or two extra sessions to really feel comfortable and begin opening up. The main difference is that your therapist doesn’t have the ability to control the setting. Which means that it is the client’s responsibility to try to recreate a quiet, private setting where they will feel comfortable talking about anything.

3. What do I need in to utilize online counseling  services?

Telehealth services are very simple and flexible. All you need is a standard internet connection, a computer or a cell phone. We use a HIPAA compliant platform that is used by physicians and other medical professionals across the world. All of this information will be sent to you after you schedule and pay for your appointment.

4. What are the steps to schedule flexible online counseling appointments?

Currently, our clients are only able to schedule appointment by contacting our office. Follow these steps to secure your appointment:

First: Call our office and tell us you want to schedule an online appointment.

Second: Pay for your appointment to reserve your time slot.

Third: Receive access to client portal and fill out required paperwork prior to your appointment.

Fourth: Follow the link in your reminder email to access your session.

Final: Meet your counselor online and get to work!

The process is simple, which is why so many clients prefer it. Check out our frequently asked questions, or Request an Appointment to get started.

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