Kristi Aguilar, MA, LPC

Hi! I’m Kristi and I’m a therapist and eating disorder recovery advocate in Denver Mental Health Collective. You can think of me more as a CBT Enthusiast, Life Transition Navigator, and Eating Disorder Recovery Advocate. I love helping individuals work to Catch It, Check It, Change It!

CBT/CBT-E Enthusiast

Do your automatic thoughts contribute to overall distress, increased anxiety, and worry? I want to help you create more tolerable thoughts in order to engage in life to your fullest potential. Together we can work to identify these thoughts and create more tolerable thoughts that can help move you forward and work toward getting out of certain patterns and behaviors.

Life Transition Navigator

Life transitions can be difficult. Whether those transitions are going from high school to college, college to the workforce, entering motherhood, etc. I’m here to listen and navigate life with you during these times of transition.

Eating Disorder Recovery Advocate

Eating disorder recovery is challenging. Whether you are new to recovery, just embarking on your recovery journey, or have been in recovery for a while now. Wherever you are in your eating disorder recovery journey, I want to walk alongside you. You don’t have to do recovery alone and I want to be there to advocate for your recovery.

Education & Training

I earned a BA in Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. After working in sales for several years, I realized I was not doing what I truly wanted to do or felt meaningful to me. I left the sales world and returned to school and earned my MA in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. During my internship and following graduation, I worked at an eating disorder treatment center in Denver. I have experience working with individuals with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, substance use, and emotion regulation.

Through working together, you will begin to understand where these difficulties come from, and move through them in order to get to a better and happier place.

Kristi Aguilar’s Resume

More About Me

Those that know me would consider me an avid runner-I have a goal to run a marathon in all 50 states! Outside of running, I enjoy spending time adventuring with my 2 boys. We love finding different trains to ride around Colorado and going to the mountains to explore mountain life. I am also a plant enthusiast and enjoy spending time caring for my plants or visiting the local plant nursery. I love different and unique things and recently adopted a 22-toed black cat that we named Ernest.

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