Affordable Therapy in Denver

At DMHC we are dedicated to providing affordable therapy in Denver. We help individuals overcome anxiety, depression, and trauma. We'll use the terms counseling and therapy interchangeably below. In either case, think of it as a conversation with an experienced professional that can help you feel better.

We are human, just like you.

Are you feeling down but too ashamed to tell anyone about it? For this reason, you can tell a therapist nearly anything without fear of judgment.

Do you force a smile while inside you’re feeling exhausted and generally down? Imagine what it would feel like to share your sadness without having to cover it up. With that in mind, therapists understand the pressure you're feeling and can help you feel better.

Maybe you're completely confused because on paper "your life is perfect.” Meanwhile, you're feeling guilty for "not appreciating it." Your therapist will help you figure out what's going on. It's normal to have some fears about opening up to someone new. With this in mind, meetings with your therapist are judgement-free and you won't have to hear a bunch of meaningless psychobabble.

There is a reason for your sadness and getting affordable therapy in Denver can help you heal from it.

We offer the following services at an affordable rate: 

  • Therapy for Anxiety
  • Therapy for Depression
  • Therapy for Trauma
  • Therapy for Anger
  • Therapy for Alcohol & Substances
  • Therapy for Families
  • Therapy for Teens
  • Therapy for Eating Disorders

We’ll help you shed light on what's going on so that you don’t feel like this anymore. It’s going to be okay. We are going to figure out how to heal from this, together. You've made it this far, so it's time to request a free phone consultation. You will meet with your therapist regularly - weekly or biweekly - to discuss your concerns. Fill out the form below to get on the path to feeling better.

Please let us know if you are interested in working with a specific therapist.

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