Therapy for Teens

It’s normal to feel like things are constantly changing during the teenage years. Therapy for teens is a great way to learn how to manage emotions, conflicts, and pressures. A therapist can help navigate you complex experiences, understand rapidly changing emotions, and learn open and constructive communication.

Teens face enough pressure as it is. Firstly, academic pressure is always mounting. Secondly, teens desire independence and peer pressure makes it difficult to trust. Most importantly, rapid change often comes with growing pains for the whole family. Teens can better learn to handle it all and express their emotions with therapeutic support.

Suffering In Silence

So many teens suffer in silence, but they don’t have to. It’s normal to feel like you have no idea what’s going on in your head. Similarly, it’s so hard to tell someone when you don’t feel like you can put it into words.

Many teens feel pressure to appear like they “have it all together” or “suck it up” and “be a man.” Often, their families don’t even know they’re struggling.

In the State of Colorado, anyone 15 years of age and older can obtain outpatient psychotherapy services from a licensed mental health professional. That means, teens don’t need a parent’s consent to get therapy (though we will strongly encourage parents’ involvement).

Individual and Family Therapy for Teens

Maintaining a dynamic of respect from all directions is challenging for any family system. Our friendly therapists will provide guidance for navigating new boundaries, understanding and expressing emotions, and learning new coping skills.

Common Concerns:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Balancing needs for support with desire for independence
  • Effective expression of emotions
  • Fostering trust
  • Managing stress
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Engagement in risky behaviors

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