Virtual Counseling for Anxiety in Denver

Do you worry about work constantly when you’re at home, or feel anxious and tense even about small events? Have you ever wondered if counseling for anxiety for might be right for you? Ever feel like you’re not good enough? Virtual counseling for anxiety in Denver might be for you.

We know what you’re feeling: constant dread, like the walls are closing in, and you need out NOW. These are signs and symptoms of anxiety. They can be really scary – feel like you’re dying scary – and you don’t have to be controlled by them anymore.

While anxiety symptoms can affect many aspects of your life; there is hope for a calm and serene horizon.

It’s important to know you are not alone. There is help.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 40 million adults, or 18% of Americans, experience an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is not your fault or caused by anything you have or haven’t done. Like many other illnesses, effective treatments exist to halt the suffering and reconnect you with a happier, healthier life.

So, if you frequently experience any of the following:

  • Constant feelings of dread;
  • Ruching our pounding heart
  • Anticipating the worst, regardless of evidence;
  • Physical symptoms like headaches, sweating, shakes and jumpiness, trouble concentrating, a frequent need to urinate and stomach uneasiness

Or, if you often have thoughts like:

  • “It’s safer to stay at home.”
  • “But what if…”
  • “I can’t breath / do this / relax / stop / switch off!”
  • “They or I could be in danger!”

Then we are glad you are reading this.

We know that anxiety can come with a stigma, and that may have stopped you from seeking the care you need in the past. Virtual counseling for anxiety in Denver can bring you remarkable relief. If you’re feeling like something has got to give, but you don’t know what, please contact us. We can help. Contact us today.

Please let us know if you are interested in working with a specific therapist.

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